Class Stuff

Virgi’s Little Corner is an area I use to share my love for dessert with other people on the internet.Since my blog is about dessert, my target audiences will be food lovers, especially dessert lovers.

To make my blog more attractive and interesting to read, I will  include pictures in my every blog post. Also, it will be easier for my readers to know what my posts are about even they may be just skimming through them. For the content of my posts, I will be doing reviews of places with good dessert. I will include my personal opinion on what I like or don’t like about the desserts in each review. I hope to establish my credibility through providing some detail and objective opinions in each review. Besides reviews, I will also share some good dessert recipes on my blog. Demonstration in picture format will be included in each post. In order attract loyal readers, I will develop an interactive atmosphere in my blog. I may ask opinions or new ideas from my audiences in order to engage them in replying to my posts.

Since my blog is a newly started one, therefore I plan to increase my blog traffic by leaving comments on posts of leading blogger in the field. I will also work on my post titles to increase the chance of my posts being found in a search engine results. I will also try to write my posts regular, like a post per week, to show my audiences I am serious about this and to attract them to follow my blog.


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